Crash Palace

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by David Woolley

Crash Palace

He's back! New Zealand's own two-fisted action hero returns from the 70s and is brought bang up to date in an exciting and thrilling new adventure.

December, 1999. The end of the century is drawing near.

A weird religious cult has arisen, led by charismatic soap actor Adam Grate, who has proclaimed the apocalypse is at hand.

The vicious Golden Starfish Gang are branching out from drugs into new and dangerous forms of crime, weaving tentacles of power around the city of Auckland.

Meanwhile, the glitterati seem bent on camping their way to the End of the World.

And behind the scenes, someone is manipulating everybody in a sinister plot to gain a hidden prize.

Only one man can save us all.


The most lethal man in the New Zealand SIS.

Excitement and danger abound, as Crash is propelled into the world of sex, drugs and television. But Crash has nothing but scorn for New Zealand's cultural elite. Time is running out... the last days of humanity are drawing near... and only Crash Palace can unravel the menacing plot. Armed with his Zink gun, his wits, and his Kiwi manliness, Crash pits his skills against a beautiful femme fatale soap starlet, her dangerously psychotic boyfriend, a crooked psychiatrist, and an underworld crimelord.

But along with the rogue's gallery of villains Crash must confront, he finds himself facing a foe he long thought dead... a foe he once called his friend.

A sensational re-imagining of the classic Kiwi spy character for a new generation of readers, blending science-fiction, weird fantasy, satire and spy adventure, guaranteed to enthrall with stunned gasps and breathless action on every page!

Note: this novel contains sexual content, language, and themes that may be offensive to readers of a Remuera disposition. Discretion is strongly advised.

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