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by D.M. Hoover

Edgar Cayce on Gemstones

Gems and gemstones have been a topic for humanity in one form or another since time began. Some believe the vitality of a person is related to the type of gemstone they wear, while others are only attracted to the appearance of the piece and its setting. Like most women I like jewelry and also like most I tend to favor some stones above others. I always wondered why this is so, and having studied the Edgar Cayce Readings for almost 50 years I decided to look there for a possible answer.
Men too have always worn jewelry in some form, although usually less so than women. But today men seem to more open to this type of adornment, and many men now sport earrings of varying stones and sizes. Something which would have been totally unheard of only a few decades ago.

I have also come to appreciate through the Edgar Cayce readings that we often overlook the most lowly and less commonly known stones in favor of more popular ones like the diamond. Surprisingly for example, I have found that Mr. Cayce often mentioned the bloodstone, a rather unattractive gem compared to some of its counterparts, yet he said this stone would do more for us and it would aid in our well being more so than a ruby, a diamond or others we may covet. I learned to appreciate through his readings the pearl which comes into the world via the irritation, and why the ancients from even before 2,000 years ago saw this gem as important.
What I tried to do and perhaps the reader might consider as well, is to look for similarities in the individuals for who Mr. Cayce read and the gemstones he suggested for them. Perhaps with this in mind we may better select the gems for what they contribute to our overall spiritual welfare and vitality versus strictly their curb-appeal.
The reader will also hear what George Kunz, the Tiffany gem expert as well as Isidore Kozminsky had to say about the lore and appeal of some of these stones and perhaps surprisingly to some will find that they often agreed with Edgar Cayce as to the descriptions both in ancient times and today in assessing their worth beyond the intrinsic value alone.

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