Cover Your Tracks, Leona Leitman (The Five Outrageous Elements Book 1)

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by C S. Johnson

Cover Your Tracks, Leona Leitman (The Five Outrageous Elements Book 1)

A series of chilling attacks are threatening the normalcy of Leona's hometown. A vital clue to the mystery of who and why is standing directly in front of her. Why can't she see it?
What is she missing? A lawyer who is usually busy covering her own tracks against sabotage, Leona suddenly risks her life to defend a client who begs her to stop a massive corporation from stealing his design. A design that could upset the balance of power worldwide. An invention that could actually make a difference, save lives.
But soon after she begins her search for evidence, Leona wakes up at the scene of a murder. In her pyjamas. Not remembering anything of the attack. She suspects she was not the target, but why not?
One thing she knows somehow, is that the killer was not human, and that it will kill again. Why isn't Leona freaking out and why can't she shake the feeling it's all connected to her?
Set across the vast Australian landscape with an unexpected adventure atop a Chinese mountain, Leona and her friends must uncover the hidden web of action and consequence before they can stop the sinister force that threatens them all. Is Leona the female heroine or is she part of this dark force?
A suspense-ridden paranormal animal thriller, “Cover Your Tracks, Leona Leitman” starkly reflects the internal battle between wanting to be good, and not wanting to see one’s own shadow.
C.S Johnson is the author behind the globally received health guide: "Tuning in & Tuning Out: A Chinese Medicine Approach to Flourishing in the Modern World."

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