Pigs in Paradise (The Almost Perfect Series Book 2)

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by Ed Halliday

Pigs in Paradise (The Almost Perfect Series Book 2)

Thomas Hardy is still anything but a famous author! He is still, however, getting into an awful lot of trouble whilst trying to write his next masterpiece!
Whilst researching a romance he is attempting to write, (very badly,) he inadvertently gets involved in a gang war between rival London gangsters. With a price on his head he flees once more to what he imagines to be the safety of the sleepy French village of Saint Paul, but life is never that simple for our hero!
Although this dark comedy is the sequel to 'The Almost Perfect Plot' any lover of black humour will enjoy this tale of death and mayhem as a stand alone book.
Ed Halliday's books are for lovers of dark humour. His reviewers have likened his work to Douglas Adams of Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy fame as well as Elmore Leonard and a touch of the humour of the great Terry Pratchett.

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