Frozen Souls: Children of the Zodiac: Book 2

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by Steven Mouland

Frozen Souls: Children of the Zodiac: Book 2

“Do not fear the darkness that lingers in the hearts of men or women. One must never be swayed by their fears or inhibitions.”

In Frozen Path, book one of the Children of the Zodiac series, Andromika, Caitlan, and Jeremisias — all chosen as Children of the Zodiac — embarked on their individual journeys to obtain their Zodiac Crystal. In the second installment, Frozen Souls, they will each face challenges and forces of evil beyond their wildest imagination.

The first of the trio to obtain her crystal, Andromika gains power and she’s not the only one to notice. While dealing with the changes within her, she finds herself at war with the image of her father and the reality of what he truly is.

Jeremisias is on the path to his crystal but must travel it alone. Along the way he struggles with the darkness within himself — and within the one he loves.

Caitlan still chases her independence and the wisdom she needs to find her way to her crystal. She must also come to terms with the fact that sometimes everyone needs help. And that help can come from unlikely places.

Together they could be a force to reckon with. There are those who know this and would love to use the power of the Zodiac for their own gain.

Yet the Zodiac have their own ambitions, once they lay claim to their children the haunting will be eternal. Once it taints their souls — it will never let go.

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