The Werewolf's Lover

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by Casey Faye

The Werewolf's Lover

Being transgender has made Paul's life in a small, conservative town difficult - nobody, not even his own family, respects him in the least. All life has really taught him is that humans are jerks. But when he goes out camping with his bratty half-pint brother looking for the monster who attacked local ranchers' cows, he finds himself chased down by someone who isn't a human - a werewolf.

When Namu catches him, he's terrified that it'll be the end of his life, but instead, the werewolf brings him back to his pack to help care for him - and in the process, returns to his very, very attractive human form. Will Paul find himself a lover who respects him and a safe place to stay, or is he just walking into the jaws of the beast?

Cover photograph copyright Flickr user ceedotmex and used in compliance with the CC BY 2.0 license.

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