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by Niall McCann


The ancient stories of Gaelic Ulster have been told and retold until they’re worn smooth as a river pebble. This is another retelling, but with the jagged edges still in place.

Amongst the competing tribes of ancient Ulster, a chieftain has been appointed who will unite them, judge them and rule over all. That chieftain is Conor McNessa, a man born to be a king and bred to be a politician. He is just, he is wise and when necessary he is mighty.

So when a child is born under his reign who the religious of his people believe is prophesised to bring an end to his chieftainship in blood and betrayal, he is faced with a choice: kill her now to pacify them, or let her live to please others.

The choice he makes is beset by danger on all sides: to kill her might please the gods, might please his druids; to let her live places tests on the loyalty of all his most devoted chieftains. And should she live, who’s to say what terrible choices his loyal subjects may be called upon to make?

Choices between honour and passion.

Love and duty.

Freedom and fate.

This retelling of the ancient epic Deirdre and The Sons of Uisnigh is a green shoot from the rich dark soil of Ireland’s cultural heritage. A familiar story told, this time, not as a fairy tale or worthy myth, but as a personal and a political thriller, in which the richness of the language does not convey a bygone nobility or exalted past, but a grimy present of difficult political choices, pyrrhic victories and the competing loyalties of honourable men.

It is a story the fíle told.

Though not as they told it.

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