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by RW Krpoun


“The Walking Dead meets the Wild Bunch: fast, smooth, and profound. Sunstone delivers a new twist in the zombie genre." The Apoc Review.

It is 1912, and Mexico is a sea of revolutionary chaos. Three Pinkerton agents ride into the hinterlands of revolution-torn Mexico on the trail of a wanted man, but what they find is far worse than war.

In the depths of a conflict tearing the fabric of a nation apart the dead walk and men plot to call forth the deadly arts of a nearly-forgotten era. Caught up in the machinations of a madman a small band must risk everything in the face of implacable evil.

A scarred veteran haunted by the Boxer Rebellion and the Moro Uprising, a former lawman and ex-Rough Rider, a hulking career Pinkerton, a Swiss Guard who has taken the cloth, and other strangers in a strange land find themselves caught between darkness and destruction.

Sunstone is set in a time of chaos: in Mexico the old order inherited from Spain is under attack, in Europe the first hints of an impending great war can be heard, and across the world the first winds of technology are beginning to erase the old and usher in the new.

A unique approach to the zombie genre by the author of the popular novel The Zone and the YGAT series.

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