The Gnoll's Concubine (Serving the Gnoll Book 1)

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by Casey Faye

The Gnoll's Concubine (Serving the Gnoll Book 1)

Shelia has always been different: interested in both men and women, and desperate to have them dominate and degrade her. When her sex life leaves her to be exiled from her village and forced to fend for herself in the desert, she's certain that those fascinations have finally killed her - but when a beautiful travelling gnoll priestess finds her collapsed in the sands, her luck finally turns around.

Amara's people are promiscuous, strong, dominant women who come packing a little "extra" downstairs, and she's no different. When Shelia can't resist exploring her sexy savior's extra bits and intimate piercings, she finds herself admitting the truth about her submissive desires - and thankfully, her new lover is all too happy to become her new Mistress, too.

The Gnoll's Concubine is the enticing first installment in Casey Faye's explicit human-gnoll BDSM series "Serving the Gnoll."

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