The Bear-Spirit's Consort

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by Casey Faye

The Bear-Spirit's Consort

Maya's life has always been miserable. The other villagers don't understand her telepathy, but they're terrified by it - and they take that fear out on her. The only option left for her is to run away into the dark, spirit-infested woods and pray that none of the worst monsters will find her. She knows nothing good can come of the woodland creatures, but it's better than rotting away.

But when a friendly bigender bear spirit named Nayah saves her from one of the forest's horrors, she finds that the creatures of the forest aren't always cruel - and when the creature takes a humanoid form, she finds that they aren't that different, either. Her savior is a kind, considerate, and gentle lover - but does Maya have a place in her world?

Original cover photograph by Mislav Marohnić.

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Pages: 34

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