The Gnoll's New Lover

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by Casey Faye

The Gnoll's New Lover

Allison wasn't happy when she got paired up with her gnollish classmate Gretchen for a robotics group project. Not because her hyena-like partner is bad-tempered or ugly or mean, no - quite the opposite. As far as she's concerned, Gretchen's the hottest woman she's ever met.

After being kicked out of everywhere they study, the two of them end up meeting at Allison's dorm room to work on their project. But an accident leads to the discovery that Gretchen's people come packing a little "extra" downstairs - and things just escalate from there when Allison can't resist exploring her sexy, exotic classmate's extra bits.

The Gnoll's New Lover is an erotic short story and contains explicit content - it is for adults only. Cover photograph by Grisha Maslov.

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