Poutine Cuisine: Basic to fancy recipes for the comfort food taking the world by storm

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by Suzella Smith

Poutine Cuisine: Basic to fancy recipes for the comfort food taking the world by storm

Gooey, cheesy, and dripping with gravy: That's poutine, the French fries-based guilty pleasure that escaped its Canadian homeland to become a favorite snack and party food of people everywhere. This book takes poutine in some amazing new directions while staying true to its basic simplicity and ease-of-making.

Recipes range from the traditional, like you would find in diners and restaurants across Canada, to exotic new versions for poutine fanatics who like to push boundaries (think Mexican, Indian, or down-home southern!). For the health minded there are recipes for substituting sweet potatoes or vegetables for regular French fries, and recipes for delicious vegetarian gravy.

Suzella Smith fell in love with poutine when she lived in Canada. This book grows out of her appreciation for the simple dish that tasted like "heaven in my mouth" the first time she tried it. Along with the recipes, she provides sources for the "squeaky" cheese that is a signature of the most authentic poutine, while showing how the dish can be just as satisfying using more readily available cheese varieties from the supermarket.

If you've never tried poutine, you're in for a treat. If you're already hooked, this book will fire your imagination with the creative possibilities of this deceptively simple gift from the land of the maple leaf.

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