Taken by the Dragon

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by Casey Faye

Taken by the Dragon

Prince Liam has lived a sheltered, dull life behind the walls of the castle. His kingdom would condemn him for being gay, so he rarely has lovers, and try as he might he can never get permission to go out among the peasants. But when he sneaks out to watch the knights defend the castle from a dragon, he finds himself in for a change when the beast snatches him away.

Thankfully, the dragon doesn't seem interested in eating him - no, what the beast wants is a mate, and Liam is all too happy to oblige him. Will he choose to escape his stuffy life for a new, exotic one as a dragon's consort, or will he flee home to the comforts of royal pampering?

Taken by the Dragon contains explicit gay content and is intended for mature readers only.

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Pages: 20

ASIN: B01263D7QC

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