Skin and Scale

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by Casey Faye

Skin and Scale

Jake’s hunky foreign boyfriend Remy has a secret. He’s not human at all – he’s actually a shapeshifter, a serpentine monster in disguise as a sexy French exchange student. But keeping his true form hidden is harder than it sounds, especially when his passion takes over – and when Jake arrives at his apartment early, the truth of his monstrous nature is revealed.

Fortunately for Remy, though, his true form isn’t repulsive to the love of his life – it’s quite the opposite. He never could’ve dreamed of what happens when the truth comes out: instead of fear or fighting or breaking up, he’s about to have the time of his life.

Skin and Scale is a short story containing explicit gay male content; it is intended for a mature audience only. Cover photo by Grisha Maslov.

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