Breaking Elena: Twisted

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by Regina Shiderly

Breaking Elena: Twisted

In Part One, Elena played her cards and now, in Part Two, she must deal with what she has been dealt. Follow her into the heart of her new reality and discover, along with her, what is to become of her. She must learn to trust Ben, her protector, else she will surely perish. Or will she... When nothing is as it seems, Elena struggles to adjust.

Ben Dimitriou is a twisted psychopath who now has Elena right where he wants her. He schemed and manipulated to get her into his lair and now that she is there, she is his toy to do with as he pleases. There is no stopping him now...

WARNINGS: This is Part Two of a novella. Coming soon is part three, Breaking Elena: Untitled as Yet. This story contains strong language in the form of dirty talk and cursing. This story is meant for adults only. This story also contains elements of age play, non consensual spankings and medical examinations, manipulation of the heroine by the hero, oral sex, and more. This is not a typical feel good romance story. It is an erotic love story but that love story is horrifyingly twisted. Read at your own risk...

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