Darkness Surrenders (Submit to Darkness Book 3)

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by AJ Spencer

Darkness Surrenders (Submit to Darkness Book 3)

The highly anticipated conclusion of AJ Spencer’s Submit to Darkness series is here!

Does light truly conquer all, or will the shadows of a violent need consume even the brightest flame…

FBI Profiler, Natasha Stolt, has studied, hunted, and discovered the true identity of the serial killer known as ‘Grimm’. Her journey has been filled with betrayal, deadly consequences, and soul-searching questions. How will her obsession with the man behind the monster end? Will she finally surrender to her dark curiosities?

Derik Ryder has spent his life as a successful businessman by day, but in the shadows of his remote home, he has performed unprecedented and unspeakable acts of torture and murder. He is the personification of every mother’s warning and every woman’s nightmare. A fate Derik easily accepted – until now. For somewhere in the darkest recesses of his questionable soul, a flame has been lit. A single candle struggles to fight the darkness within the cavernous pit that is Derik’s heart. Will he allow the flame to flourish? Is it even possible for such a beast to feel the warmth of light after ruling the dark for so long?

Author’s note: This is not a standalone novel. Books 1 (EDGE OF DARKNESS) & 2 (DARKNESS FALLS) must be read first in order to understand the story. Due to graphic content, this series is recommended for mature readers only!

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