Escape From Tamnica (The Wasteland Soldier Book 2)

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by Laurence Moore

Escape From Tamnica (The Wasteland Soldier Book 2)

Centuries have passed since the world was scorched by the hell of nuclear war. A deadly future is now shaped by those willing to grab control inside a ravaged America.

The Cloud Wars have ravaged the land, scorched the sky and all but annihilated mankind. There are no countries, no borders, only survivors.

Stone, the wasteland soldier, has emerged from the Southern Deserts, leading a rag-tag collection of companions to the peaceful village of Dessan. They are offered food and shelter in return for helping to construct a wall around the settlement.

Growing close to one of the villagers, Stone learns that a dark shadow hangs over Dessan. Determined to put things right he and his companions make a stand against a criminal gang known as the Collectors, a violent group trading humans to a terrible facility called Tamnica.

But when they are captured and encarserated behind Tamnica's brutal walls, Stone and his companions will be pushed to breaking point as they scrape together a plan of escape.

Yet escape is only the beginning ...

With memorable characters such as the Map Maker, the Brute and the Thinker, Escape from Tamnica is the thrilling and dramatic sequel to A Fractured World.

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Genres: Post Apocalyptic

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Pages: 471


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