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Abby,The Bully and the EpiPen

Abby,The Bully and the EpiPen

by Cynthia MacGregor

For children without severe allergies, this story provides understanding of those who have life-threatening allergies, which they must take very seriously.
For children with life-threatening allergies, who must carry EpiPens and give themselves a shot whenever needed, this story will provide the comfort of knowing they’re not alone.
Excerpt: “Aww, I’m being nice to you,” he said. But his tone of voice didn’t sound nice at all. “I’ll even share my snack with you. It’s your favourite: peanut butter.” Suddenly he pushed his left hand toward Abby. The cracker with the peanut butter stuck to her lips.
Abby’s eyes went wild with fright. She rubbed frantically at her lips. She rubbed and rubbed, trying to get the peanut butter off.
“Abby’s allergic to peanuts, you idiot!” Jessica yelled at Clark. “What did you do that for? You know she can’t eat anything with peanuts in it!”
“I thought she just didn’t like peanuts!” Clark said. “I thought she hated them.”
“She’s allergic. Her airway closes up on her. If she eats even a tiny piece of a peanut she can’t breathe.”

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