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by Alex Fedyr


Kalei hates touching. She hates hugs. After all, her mother was killed by one.

Kalei was born and raised in Celan, the first city to have an Estranged problem. It was seventeen years ago when they appeared, and the citizens learned the hard truth: it only takes a bit of skin-on-skin contact to turn their loved ones into corpses, or Estranged. No one knows why some people turn and some people die, they just know that anyone touched is gone.

And Kalei wants them to stay gone. But, being a police officer in the city, she witnesses every day the damage done by the Estranged. Black nails mark these harbingers of death. Seeking the high they get from every piece of skin they touch, the Estranged crush the lives of Celan's citizens with alarming ease.

They killed her mother for a high, and now Kalei wants to stop them before they can seek another. But she can't. Only the Wardens are equipped to do so, and they won't accept her into their ranks.

But will they accept her now that she has turned Estranged?

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