How to Start, Write, and Finish Your First Novel

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by Alan Black

How to Start, Write, and Finish Your First Novel

Here you will find everything from turning your initial ideas into story generation, from beating writer’s block, to keeping your writing moving forward from story concept to knowing where and how to end your story. The following is a sample.

It is said that the hardest paragraph to write is the first paragraph of any book. So, don’t start there. Remember rule number three? We don’t have to write a book in the same order we read the book. Write the end first. Then back up and get the characters to the end as quickly as possible.

We became writers because we were readers first. Our natural inclination is to write our novel like we read a book, from front to back, beginning to end, start to finish. That just isn’t always the correct or only way. We write in any order that gets us writing and keeps us writing…”

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