The Stolen (The Red Series Book 2)

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by Amanda Witt

The Stolen (The Red Series Book 2)

A little boat, a wide rough sea, a deserted stretch of sandy beach. Red sleeps. Early the next morning, she opens her eyes to a shocking discovery.

-- Book Two of The Red Series! --

Elated and alarmed, Red must decide who can be trusted in this strange new place where mysteries turn in on themselves and where secrets, once told, take on a life of their own.

If you love dystopian fiction but are ready for something different, this is the series for you. Called "a fresh take" on contemporary dystopian fiction and "surprisingly hopeful," THE RED SERIES puts a winsome spin on the tropes of dystopian fiction and dystopian romance.

Content Advisory: No sexually explicit scenes, no profanity, some violence and disturbing situations.

Adults and young adults alike enjoy this thrilling series that crosses genres to blend mystery, romance, science fiction, and humor. A psychologically nuanced and beautifully told tale, with characters you'll never forget.

Series order:

The Watch (Book One) ... The series begins with a familiar-seeming repressive regime and love triangle, but all is not as it seems. Venture with Red out of the city. Risk the woods. You won't regret this ride.

The Stolen (Book Two) ... A romance. A comedy. A dark psychological drama. The place where science fiction meets and threatens people you love.

The Watchmaker (Book Three) ... Our amateur sleuths risk their lives to untangle the threads that have bound them, and meet the vivid inhabits of a reclusive enclave.

The Forgotten (Book Four) .... Hold on to your seat! Fast-paced action and adventure bring this fabulous series to a breath-taking conclusion.

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