The Watch (The Red Series Book 1)

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by Amanda Witt

The Watch (The Red Series Book 1)

From the author Kirkus Reviews calls "hottest of all" comes "a fantastic series" with "a touch of class" ...

Sneaking out late at night, eluding the searchlights and the guards--Red has done it a thousand times. But tonight is different. Tonight she gets caught.

* A finalist in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards *

An edge-of-your-seat ride that leaves readers hungering for more--

Content Advisory: No sexually explicit scenes, no profanity, some violence and disturbing situations.

Series order:

The Watch (Book One) ... Start in a familiar repressive society, then venture with Red into the woods, where surprises wait and the conventional tropes of dystopian fiction begin to flicker and transform ...

The Stolen (Book Two) ... A dysfunctional family adds humor and unprecedented danger to Red's quest ...

The Watchmaker (Book Three) ... Science fiction meets real human beings, and Red must sort through the unintended consequences for clues to her past ...

The Forgotten (Book Four) ... Plan on staying up all night to race through this breath-taking and utterly satisfying conclusion!

Appeals to readers of Dean Koontz, Ray Bradbury, Veronica Roth, and Suzanne Collins.

If you love strong female characters balanced by equally strong male characters, smart teens negotiating with equally smart adults, a touch of romance and humor, and edge-of-your-seat action, this award-winning series is for you. Popular with both adult and young adult readers.

Best described as cross genre. Can be called character-drive science fiction, sci fi dystopian thriller, sci fi dystopian romance, family drama, gothic psychological thriller, mystery and suspense, action and adventure, coming as age or bildungsroman -- a lovely mishmash in the fine tradition of Dean Koontz, who says, “I write cross-genre books--suspense mixed with love story, with humor, sometimes with two tablespoons of science fiction, sometimes with a pinch of horror, sometimes with a sprinkle of paprika..."

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