Married to the Wind: Part 2: Sister to the Sun (Books of Light)

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by Samantha Holloway

Married to the Wind: Part 2: Sister to the Sun (Books of Light)

Nothing is as it seems.

Annissa and Ardeth have escaped the Wall and the troubles brewing in their home kingdom. But Annissa is not well, and Ardeth is being torn apart by Air, and the more they find out about the lies and secrets that have hedged their lives, the more questions are raised.

Captive-guests of the Clans they had been told are barbarians, on a quest for knowledge and understanding that takes them across the Wastes and the lands beyond, both must come to grips with their power, with their places in the world, and with their growing feelings for each other.

And back at home, war changes the fates of friend and foe alike.

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