Rekindle the Flame: Book 2 of the Vendicatori

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by Marc Estes

Rekindle the Flame: Book 2 of the Vendicatori

"Picking up where Four Pieces For Power leaves off, Andrew continues to delve deeper into the world of the Vendicatori, where more secrets from his past shake his present. A mysterious woman has somehow escaped the Vendicatori compound, but were they holding her as a prisoner, or for her own safety?
The Stavero family is now even more focused on revenge and the downfall of the Correos. Magda Stavero takes the reigns and is ready to be more evil than Robert ever dreamed of being. With her granddaughter, Kayla, at her side, she is given the chance to infiltrate Edson from afar and begins to unravel her plan for vengeance.
Now John, a newly added member to the Correo family, is starting to ask questions as Andrew becomes more elusive. A recent clue leads him down a path he cannot return from. A path that may provide more questions than answers.
As Dominic and Ramos scramble to find their missing guest, she is about to arrive in Edson, and become a revelation that no one saw coming. Is she a friend or a foe? Will Dominic and Ramos find her before she reveals herself? Are the Staveros behind her “escape”, or are they merely using it to their advantage?"

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