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by A E Ryecart


Two men. One bored and restless, the other broken and traumatised. How will a chance meeting in a crowded café change both their lives forever?

Confident and cocksure, there’s no question that Josh Cooper is an alpha male. With looks, money and a high-flying City career, he’s got it all. Except that he hasn’t. Trapped in an increasingly claustrophobic relationship, he seeks escape in a series of meaningless and anonymous sexual encounters.

Recovering from a violent past that has left him emotionally scarred, all Alex Fulbright wants to do is to live a quiet life as he slowly recovers and learns how to put his painful history behind him.

From tentative beginnings, Josh and Alex eventually come to find the love with each other that neither thought they would ever have. But life isn’t perfect, and neither man is quite who he seems. Both have secrets and when these are exposed and dragged into the open, the life they had planned to build together is blown apart, leaving their happy ever after no longer the certainty it was.

A contemporary erotic gay romance.

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