Bed & Breakfast Bedlam (A Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Book 1)

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by Abby L Vandiver

Bed & Breakfast Bedlam (A Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Book 1)

Book I in the Logan Dickerson Cozy Mystery Series

A five-foot nothing, ninety-something, Voodoo herbalist and an archaeologist walk into a strip bar . . .

Meet Miss Vivee and Logan Dickerson. A funny, mismatched pair of amateur sleuths.
Logan is an archaeologist who feels she'll always live in the shadow of her famous mother, so to prove her worth, she jumps the fence at a federally protected archaeological site. Not such a good idea. Now she's on the run from the FBI. Ending up in a small, coastal town in Georgia, she discovers that one resident, Gemma Burke, has been found dead - keeled over in her bowl of bouillabaisse.

Miss Vivee, witness to it all, gets Logan gets all tangled up in the big mystery of who killed Gemma Burke. And no matter how old she is, Miss Vivee, with the help of her partners in crime (solving),including her ex-sweetheart, Mac, thinks she can solve the murder before the local sheriff.

Fun. Lighthearted. And a funny cozy mystery read!

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