A Fractured World (The Wasteland Soldier Book 1)

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by Laurence Moore

A Fractured World (The Wasteland Soldier Book 1)

Centuries have passed since the world was scorched by the hell of nuclear war. A deadly future is now shaped by those willing to grab control inside a ravaged America.

In a time devoid of medicine, is the ability to heal a gift or a curse?

Fate has born Emil scarred and one-eyed but with the ability to save life through touch. Hunted for her power she is rescued from bounty hunters by a grim and determined drifter named Stone and his young companion Tomas.

She agrees to travel under their protection through a landscape filled with dangers and deadly enemies. But everything has a price and Emil begins to wonder if she has been rescued ... or captured.

The thrilling opening book in the Wasteland Soldier series. Meet Stone, the ruthless anti-hero out for revenge ... no matter the cost.

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Genres: Post Apocalyptic

Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 216


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