Scissortown (Life Application)

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by Margaret Welwood

Scissortown (Life Application)

How would a small town—well-ordered and supremely manicured—look after invasion by a horde of pink-slippered "Slicers and Dicers" who cause the townspeople to hide all their cutting tools? And then, how does life go on when nobody can cut anything at all?

Although it is pure fantasy, Scissortown was written for another purpose besides entertainment—promotion of kindness and initiative in young children. A life application promotes these qualities in the follow-up to this engaging tale. Scissortown was written for children from the ages of 4 to 8, but younger and older children—and their grown-ups—are enjoying it, too!.

Also available with examples of children from the Bible, as Scissortown (Faith-Based Application).

"Scissortown recounts how a neat and well-oiled community is obliged to take extreme action when over-zealous scissorers, namely the Slicers and Dicers, hit town. Beautifully illustrated, this sweet tale will enchant any child, not least through its amusing exploration of the possible consequences of a life without scissors."—Bobbie Ann Cole, author of "She Does Not Fear the Snow," her personal Ruth story

"Scissortown is a fun, beautifully illustrated story. It teaches children the importance of being responsible and using their thinking skills to solve problems."—Martin Pierce, author and blogger

"I LOVE this book!"—Lindsay, seven years old

”I was reminded how a skilled author of this genre can weave magic.”—Steve King

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