Jump Into the Blue: A True Story

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by Christina Lavers

Jump Into the Blue: A True Story

Divine magic or madness? Heroine or fool?

A true story

In this real life account that begins with a playful Ouija session, Christy finds herself swept into a mysterious, surreal world governed by magic and synchronicity. Moving from the grungy streets of Montreal, to Mayan Pyramids, Rainbow Gatherings, and ultimately to the far reaches of reality, Christy explores both her external and internal world and awakens to levels of consciousness that rock her entire belief system.

In this multidimensional story, told authentically from the heart, the author challenges her readers to evaluate their own understanding of reality. With nuggets of wisdom and unique spiritual insight, this wild, enchanting journey, detailing incredible highs and terrifying lows, is sure to fascinate anyone interested in the deeper aspects of life.

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