Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins

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Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins

A world facing annihilation. Epic battles. Gritty action. Dark magic. Impossible odds. Defeat & despair.

Era Of Darkness: Volume I: The Apocalypse Begins

by Ian Thompson

A world facing annihilation. Epic battles. Gritty action. Dark magic. Impossible odds. Defeat & despair.

A world facing annihilation. Epic battles and gritty action. Dark magic and horrendous monstrosities. Impossible odds. Defeat and despair.

Hatred, distrust and conflict divide the nations of the world of Emeran – at a time when an apocalyptic threat is rising.

Hordes of demonic warriors swarm from beyond the great Wall of Light. They crush opposing armies. They eradicate towns and villages. They have already slaughtered the Unseen Gods... This is an invasion like no other. Their purpose is not to expand their territory, to instil their doctrines on other people or to plunder the riches of their prey, but simply to destroy every living thing...

Against such a threat – the coming of the Era of Darkness – heroism, desperation and self-sacrifice will surely not be enough.

Extinction is inevitable.

From 5-Star Reviews:
“The action is intense, the battles are brutal, and the characters are complex and very real.”
“...intense battles, incredible dark magic... so many twists and turns... I loved it”
“I was completely sucked in and captivated from the first page”
“...mixture of fantasy, mystery, loyalty that make it a one of a kind story”
“Wonderful characters and an even better story”
“Fast and furious paced action fantasy... Great characters... Battles are huge and bloodthirsty”
“I was impressed by the quality of the storytelling... an enthralling mix... a solid read”

Era of Darkness is driven by its diverse characters, through which the reader will experience a war-torn realm of tension and furious action. A wealth of emotions are threaded through the tale, from love and unswerving loyalty, to savage bloodlust and unbridled terror... Two royal sisters, one a warrior, the other a mystic. Soldiers and officers, fighting and dying across the continent. A farmer traumatised by loss. A coward seeking redemption. An avenger driven by awful bloodlust. Pacifists forced to make a terrible choice. And many more...

Witness the fall of the great Wall of Light and the first encounters with the invading hordes. Be at the centre of conflicts erupting all over Emeran: in the forest townships of the Callis; at beautiful Mesamir, capital of the pacifist Graex; on Deshnere Plain where vast armies collide; and behind the city walls of Tremok, the Human city under assault by hundreds of thousands of invaders. Join a desperate, suicidal mission behind enemy lines...

Era Of Darkness concludes in Volume II: Extinction.

See also, the Survival spin-off series - beginning with ‘Survival I: Slaughter At Ghastar’.

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Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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