Nerve: a novel

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by S. R. Skelton

Nerve: a novel

Nerve: a novel

by S. R. Skelton

Jesse left the suburbs two years ago in search of adventure in the big city. The night he ends up following his buddy Slaven to a gay club he meets Maya, the girl that will travel with him across the country and change his life forever.
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Praise for Nerve:

"This novel was beautiful, visual, and thought provoking." Booji-Boy
"...Skelton's humor is spot on and left me snorting in my morning coffee and again in my late-night wine!" D. Wrathall
"A story written for mothers who remember what it was like to be young and confused, and still feel that way at times." R. Olson

Jesse fantasizes about living the romantic, beat life. He wants to travel the world and feel the wind of real adventure on his face. When he meets Maya, raised by nomadic hippies, he thinks he's found a lifeboat to carry him from the dull to the sublime. He is thrilled when Maya reveals a secret from her past that compels them to hitchhike across the country together, but will a relationship formed in the heat and whirl of a dance club crash and burn on the side of the highway?

Meanwhile, Jean is a mother navigating her own path through the work-family balance. When her tenuous relationship with her child is threatened, she has to confront some harsh truths about motherhood. Truths she wants desperately to ignore.

Brimming with insight, humor, and generosity of spirit, Nerve, tells a poignant yet unsentimental story about finding yourself and where you belong.

Keywords: dating, relationships, parenting, parent and child, travel, voyage, family life, friendship, love, politics, spiritual

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