Mated to the Billionaire Rooster Shifter: A Wilder Wedding Hookup (United Shifter's Alliance Book 3)

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by Regina Shiderly, Donna Hansley

Mated to the Billionaire Rooster Shifter: A Wilder Wedding Hookup (United Shifter's Alliance Book 3)

***This is a SHORT story with HUGE character and can be read alone but it is third in the United Shifter’s Alliance series and contains HOT sexy scenes that feature a Billionaire Rooster (in human form) and a BBW Doe (also in human form). The scenes are adult and intended for adult audiences. It is a complete story and it DOES end with a Happily Ever After.***

21-year-old BBW Doe shifter Rose Bishop has her eye set on snagging a billionaire Rooster shifter. Her life had not been an easy one since being rejected by her herd for having undesirable genetic material, but she had been doing just fine without them.

She desires to live an Epic Life and nothing will stand in her way. Not her youth, not pesky dryads, not self-esteem issues about her size 18 curvy body, and certainly not the Rooster who doesn’t know yet that he’s taken…

Billionaire Rooster Shifter Nero Grant is a recluse. The only reason he is attending the wedding of Bunny Ackerman and Carson Gereaux is because of a tip from a friend of his, a psychic Owl shifter, who has informed him that his mate has planned on attending.

Nero is hoping that the mate in question is the shy little Doe shifter he’s been conversing with through online chat for the past year. If Rose is his mate, he won’t let anything stand in his way of claiming her. Not being ten years older than the nubile young woman, not the fact that he shifts into a giant cock, and certainly not the fact that Rose doesn’t know yet that she’s taken…


Book #1 Bunny and the Grizzly Bear
Book #2 Bunny, the Grizzly Bear, and The Serial Cannibal
Book #3 Mated to the Billionaire Rooster Shifter
Book #4 Coming soon

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