Off the Beaten Path: 3rd Edition

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by G. G. Baker

Off the Beaten Path: 3rd Edition

Off the Beaten Path, tells the captivating story of Kristin Palmer - a smart, sexy ex- fashion model and owner of the most successful modelling agency in the west coast. Kristin was riding high on the wings of success until her marriage fell apart and so did her self-assurance. But on her annual business trip, she takes the long way home and discovers that the only way to reclaim her life is to go- Off the Beaten Path.
Off the Beaten Path offers an interesting perspective into the life of a beautiful and successful woman that had it all. The book features a sensational plot that will hook readers from start to finish. Passion- for life, work and people is one of the most powerful themes in the book. And readers who can identify with the main character will be jolted into action to reclaim the passion that they once had for life.

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