Marching Ants a Guide to Photoshop Selection Tools

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by R. Emerson Hawkins

Marching Ants a Guide to Photoshop Selection Tools

The moving dashed lines that indicate an active selection in Photoshop are commonly referred to as Marching Ants, hence the title of this book. In the book I cover all the selection tools available to the Photoshop user and the various options for each of them. It also covers some of the more advanced techniques and tricks, including working with alpha channels to create selections independent of the provided tools and altering saved selections. The author has well over 10 years of experience as a Photoshop/Illustrator freelancer doing both commercial an private editing, though I am now retired.

The book is intended for the beginner as well as the mid-level user who has yet to realize the full potential of all the available tools and options. It is fully illustrated throughout to visually explain all the nuances of each tool and technique covered.

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