Bunny, The Grizzly Bear, & The Serial Cannibal (United Shifter's Alliance Book 2)

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by Regina Shiderly, Donna Hansley

Bunny, The Grizzly Bear, & The Serial Cannibal (United Shifter's Alliance Book 2)

Bunny, The Grizzly Bear, & The Serial Cannibal (United Shifter's Alliance Book 2)

by Regina Shiderly, Donna Hansley

Two worlds collide. A ditzy Bunny, a Grizzly determined to protect her, and a Serial Cannibal determined to eat her... And there's a psychic owl thrown in there, too!
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Two worlds collide. Bunny Ackerman has her sights set on a certain Grizzly because three weeks ago, she went Grizzly and now she can’t go back. Carson Gereaux is a Wilder with a lovesick bear who only wants his Bunny. To protect Bunny, he’ll annihilate any living threat...

Then there’s The Serial Cannibal. He’s very angry with Bunny…

Reader Note: This is an adult short story and does contain adult situations and language that is not suitable for young readers. If you enjoy a good story with 'adult' situations and language, read on and I hope you enjoy!

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