Neighborhood Watch

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by Evan Bollinger

Neighborhood Watch

It's on the prowl...
When an inquisitive paperboy notices something strange along his route, he immediately investigates. But what begins as an innocent inquiry will soon become something hauntingly sinister. And as the truth is unleashed, the neighborhood discovers...


Now, hampered by a record storm and left to fend for themselves, three high schoolers must do the impossible. Their neighborhood is under attack--the infection spreading. And with a deadly creature and its undead minions on the loose, what these teenagers think they know, could never be more wrong...

It's time to learn fast. Or die young

Tags: zombie, apocalypse, alien, abduction, extermination, invasion, dystopian, infection, living dead, undead

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Google Category: Media > Books > Fiction > Science Fiction & Fantasy Novels

Pages: 69


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