Adolescent and Sovereign: The Disintegration of the Utopian World

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by Mark O. Purifoy

Adolescent and Sovereign: The Disintegration of the Utopian World

Now that young people are in control, the world is perfect. No famine, no poverty, no wars. This was all because of a century-long agreement that allowed young adults to gain control over their government. Now that the century-long contract has ended, the teenagers, who were named Juniors, aren’t willing to return their power, as they’ve created a Utopian world. But this is unacceptable for the older adults, or Seniors. Now that the world is perfect, the Seniors are ready to steal the glory, and they will do anything necessary to remove the Juniors from power, including killing anyone who gets in their way.

However, Alec isn’t going to allow this to happen further, because his mother was killed by one of the Seniors’ leaders, and his father was taken and viciously beaten. Alec chose to fight—along with his mentor, Keyon, the world’s strongest and most durable human; his arrogant friend, Dmitry, a Russian, flame-throwing prodigy; and his stunningly beautiful crush, Alissyn, a medical genius—the war to keep the Seniors in their place. Although he is proficient in combat, and he has the help of his competent friends, Alec commits a gruesome act that leaves himself more shaken than those around him.

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