Fat Sam and the boy in the George Bush mask

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by elizabeth jenan-dickman

Fat Sam and the boy in the George Bush mask

A murder is committed on Halloween night across the street from the home of Detective Steve Durand. A fun evening erupts into multiple homicides and the detective assigned to the case becomes so involved it is causing his family to fall apart.

When his young son Davie finds evidence in the neighborhood park he is thrown into harms way and the detective’s wife reaches her limit of endurance. The case finally turns due to a slip of paper brought home by Fat Sam the family cat, but it may be too late for Detective Durand to save his family.

The murders escalate as scheming people jump into the fray and plot against each other for the same prize, ten million dollars for a forged Van Gogh masterpiece.

Secluded in his mansion on the third floor study, the mastermind observes his minions as they carry out his heinous crimes while all the time distancing himself from any involvement or blame.

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