Under Sapphire Skies: Book 2 in the Cryptozoology Series

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by Heather Hamel

Under Sapphire Skies: Book 2 in the Cryptozoology Series

Finalist Royal Palm Literary Award

Addeline is horrified to hear her parents are going on a six week vacation to Peru without her. She and her two siblings will be left with an aunt and uncle they’ve never met in the wilds of Florida.

She quickly realizes her aunt and uncle are just as crazy as her parents have always said – they think they live in a crypto-zoological vortex with sprites, a hornless unicorn, and goblins who are trying to get the gold under their house.

She doesn’t believe it until her younger brother, Ian, goes missing in the swamp, and she watches her sister, Fiona, get kidnapped and dragged underwater by a kelpie.

Determined to reunite her family, but unsure of where to begin, she is approached by a talking Pixie Frog and Fairy Wren who offer their help. Before they can be of any use, the goblins attack, threatening to change all Addeline’s freshly made plans.

Can Addeline defeat the goblins and rescue her siblings or will she become the vortex’s next victim?

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