The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories

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by Tony Cooper

The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories

A collection of nine dark short stories about life, death and consequences.
A mix of creepy, disturbing contemporary fantasy and science fiction stories in one book.

In "The Resurrection Tree", a young girl changes the course of her family's life in one moment of panic.
In "The Chaos Police", in the future, every action you take has a consequence, and you only get so many chances.
In "Jazz On The Radio", a Professor finds he cannot escape the past he so desperately wants to.
In "Seaview Hotel", an unusual group of individuals make a pilgrimage to a remote Scottish beach.
In "Fake Mary", you are not even safe inside your own memories.
In "The Last Villain", pride comes before the fall of mankind.
In "Lord Of Shadow", a small boy becoming emotionally detached from his parents finds solace in the darkness.
In "Making Gods", two linguistics experts find an awkward romance over ancient carvings.
In 'The Colours of Jupiter' a group of scientists undertaking a radical experiment to prove the nature of time end up discovering more about their own nature.

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Pages: 153

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