No Aliens Allowed (Flight Knights, Book 1)

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by C.D. Bryan

No Aliens Allowed (Flight Knights, Book 1)

Brian Parker and his best friends, Hanna Stevens and Mark Adams are on the run—again.
But this time they outsmart the school bullies by crossing into a forbidden government DANGER ZONE.
But they’ll be fine, right? WRONG.
Parker and his friends make a Galactic discovery of a lifetime. And everything changes.
Now they have BIGGER problems—MEANER and GREENER problems—and secrets to keep, and a mission to complete.
Can they keep the secrets?
Can they complete the mission?
And will the changes last...

Great for fans of Big Hero 6, Iron Man, Power Rangers, Green Lantern, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers and other Action Adventure and Science Fiction Superhero stories.

From award winning author of Jicky Jack And The Ominous Promise. Winner of FWA's Royal Palm Literary Award for Elementary/Middle Grade Fiction.

Age Level: 9 and up | Grade Level: 4th and up

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