She of Thorn: Poems and Rhyme of A Heart Unkind

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by Kalynn Campbell

She of Thorn: Poems and Rhyme of A Heart Unkind

Poems and prose of unrequited love and loneliness. Take an emotional ride with the vulnerable heart of artist/writer, Kalynn Campbell, as it enters the tempestuous and callous world of “She”. Written at the end of a volatile love affair with a married woman, the poems and prose of SHE OF THORN tell the story of a love-in-vain enslavement to a cruel ineffectual heart. The poems also reflect Campbell’s lonely struggle with AvPD, a form of self isolation.
To immerse oneself in the She poems is to bathe in a tormenting ache of unrequited love, only to dry off with the stark cavernous void of inner loneliness.
Best described as ‘Leonard Cohen meets Shel Silverstein’, Campbell’s work is as moving and thought provoking as it is whimsical and lyrical.

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