Spirit of the Lone Horse (Star of Heros)

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by Ani Manjikian

Spirit of the Lone Horse (Star of Heros)

A horse. A woman. A dream. And so much more.

Time travel, drama, military action, mystery, and intrigue. This is science fantasy and a bold initial statement from an author with a passion for words.

Jo Mason was going to be the first woman to raise the USMB International Championship trophy above her head. Double tragedy strikes the beginning of her quest. First, she finds her longtime companion dead in his stall. Second, his replacement almost kills her.

She wonders what she's meant to do with her life. Her fear of horses leaves her estranged from her family as well as doubting and second-guessing herself.

During a quiet walk in the woods, she's confronted by the rogue stallion's son and a choice. Take control or keep running.

One reviewer has said, "At first I thought it was going to be a woman and her horse. It went many places I wasn't expecting. Complex and well done."

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