Inheritance (The Fallon Guardians Book 1)

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by Denise Kelly LeBlanc

Inheritance (The Fallon Guardians Book 1)

In all of her eighteen years, normal has never been a word to be applied to Jess Gardner’s life. Jess is a medium and has made the best of her often inconvenient gift by earning a living communicating with the dead. Even had she been a psychic, she couldn’t have predicted the drama about to be brought to her door.

Aaron Thorne, enters her world with the news that the mother she’d thought dead is still alive. Jess’ maternal family is in desperately in need of her help. The Fallons—her mother’s kin—have responsibilities that extend beyond the mundane realm and upon which the safety of the world depends. With a mysterious evil force draining the life from the present matriarch, Jess is the only one who can save her newfound clan. Will the promise of uncovering more about herself, and a chance with a new family, be enough to draw her into a potentially deadly situation?

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