Angel Within: (A story of Angels & Fallen-Angels) (Fallen Angels Series Book 2)

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by Julie Nicholls

Angel Within: (A story of Angels & Fallen-Angels) (Fallen Angels Series Book 2)

This Fallen Angel Fantasy Romance novel is the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series by Julie Nicholls

Angel Within, a story of angels and fallen angels continues from the first book in the series, Demon Within,
Kai of Darkmide, a once feared warlord and Eloise of Brightstone, a timid princess, face danger once more from the fallen angels who seek revenge on man, although this time there is an added complication when the fallen are aided by a witch.
Jana, a powerful witch, and Tigan, a deceitful mercenary from Sabe and Kiera’s past, join forces to summon Samyaza, one of the most powerful of all fallen angels. The witch strikes a bargain with the fallen angel to possess Tigan, making him indestructible in battle.
Sian, a young witch, naïve but powerful, aids our trusted warriors, and in doing so is given refuge at Blackhill. Reluctantly becoming entangled in more secrets, she listens to the advice of Nazar, a new warrior who recently joined with Sabe and his sister, Kiera.
Kai and Sabe join Brightstone and Blackhill’s forces to rid the world of the powerful witch, and Tigan. Once again the seraph comes to the warrior’s aid, yet at what cost? The final battle culminates with the transformation of Eloise from a timid queen to a feared warrior as her husband fights for his life, and freedom from bondage once more.
The story continues and is not just a romantic tale of a princess and a slave. This epic story has another chapter to reveal and only in the final book will it become clear who controls man’s fate on earth.
Get ready for the battle between good and evil, angel and fallen angel, and learn what the heavens have in store for Kai and Eloise in this angel fantasy romance, Angel Within, the 2nd book in the Fallen Angels Series.

Box Set Fallen Angels Complete Set.
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