Rogue (Surviving Souls Series Book 1)

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by Tayllor Bailey, Savannah Gagnon, Elizabeth Wallace

Rogue (Surviving Souls Series Book 1)

Rogue (Surviving Souls Series Book 1)

by Tayllor Bailey, Savannah Gagnon, Elizabeth Wallace

Just what does it take to survive? For Harmony Hale, that question is about to become much more complicated. After all, surviving in a world full of demons without any protective supernatural qualities of your own isn't easy.
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All Harmony Hale ever wanted was a normal life. With a troubled past she is reluctant to divulge, full of abandonment and soul-shattering abuse, Harmony finds herself starting over in the small town of Mirror, Rhode Island, where the residents are friendly and few in number and the risk of danger is seemingly nonexistent. Seemingly. For a brief moment, everything is perfect, but Harmony's dream of normalcy is quickly overturned by a string of murders, a crazy stranger, the dark past of the tiny town, and an ancient secret involving the only friends she has managed to make.

As Harmony forms a close bond with her neighbor, Blake Everett, and her landlord's daughter, Jesselyn Winslow, she is forcefully dragged into their world of supernatural mayhem. Part of a pack of shapeshifters, whose ancestors have protected Mirror since its establishment, Blake and Jesselyn have been fighting a demon infestation for years, as their parents did before them. And as for Harmony's past, they know more about her than Harmony knows about herself. In this first installment in a four-part saga, our heroine learns that the reason for her troubled past is much darker and more demonic than she knew.

*This book contains some cursing and moments of violence. While it is the responsibility of the reader to judge what he or she wishes to read, this book is not suggested for those under the age of 16.*

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