Blurline (Peter Clancy Series Book 3)

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by TW Lawless

Blurline (Peter Clancy Series Book 3)

Blurline (Peter Clancy Series Book 3)

by TW Lawless

Peter is in London working for a scandal rag when he interviews fading movie star, Olivia Michaels. The more he discovers about her, the deeper he will become embroiled in dark secrets stretching to the highest echelons of English society.
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"To say nothing of good, fast pacing that combines with the characters and plot to make this into a real page turner" - Australian Crime Fiction.

Australian journo Peter Clancy is in London this time, working for a notorious scandal sheet. While writing salacious stories on celebrities, Clancy poses as a biographer to dig the dirt on drug- and alcohol-raddled Olivia Michaels, once a star of the screen.

But the more he discovers about Olivia Michaels, the more deeply he becomes embroiled in ugly secrets stretching across the entertainment world to the highest echelons of society.

Can Clancy succeed in his mission to blow the lid off Britain's darkest secrets?

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