Expat Jack: The First 3 Episodes

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by E.V. Bonds

Expat Jack:  The First 3 Episodes

Expat Jack is a realistic depiction of sex, love and romance in the "far east." The Expat Jack - First 3 Episodes Bundle begins with Episode One, in which Jack becomes sexually enlightened by a masseuse in Chinatown prior to his departure to Shanghai. Episode 2 follows with Jack's arrival in China and his first encounter with a beautiful Chinese woman inside one of Shanghai's most popular clubs, in front of the curious eyes of the other partygoers. Episode 3 sees Jack's first experience with dating in China, as he encounters some interesting cultural differences between Chinese and Western women.

Expat Jack is a unique travel and adult contemporary fiction series that will be sure to interest any reader fascinated by modern China, or anyone with a love for travel and different cultures, beautiful people, and the beautiful absurdity of everyday life in contemporary society.

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