Expat Jack: Putting In Work

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by E.V. Bonds

Expat Jack: Putting In Work

Jack is comfortably settling into his new life in Shanghai, China. He has a good job without too many responsibilities, a nice apartment, and he is surrounded by the beautiful women of the city.

At his new job his boss tells him not to get involved with a particular girl. She has a thing for foreigners and was the reason that the last foreign colleague left, according to office gossip anyway. Jack tries to avoid her initialliy but her "unique" charms eventually win Jack over and they agree to go on a date.

Is she the "traditional girl" that she claims to be? Will Jack make the first move? Or will she show him what Chinese girls are really about in the bedroom?

Expat Jack - Puttin In Work continues telling the unique erotic travel adventures of Jack, an American expat in China. The realistic world will pull you in deep and leave you wanting more. Episode 3 is approximately 4600 words and is for adults only. It contains adult situations and language, including graphic descriptions of sex.

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