Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

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by DL Bruin

Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

Ten Percent: Hollywood Can Be Murder

by DL Bruin

A Hollywood talent agent with questionable ethics (are there any other kind?), an actor who gets lucky, and a police investigation into the murders of several young prostitutes, intertwine in a darkly humorous thriller. Told by an Insider.
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What Price Dreams?
After decades of toiling in the “C” Leagues, talent agent Shelly Monroe has finally hit the big time when she discovers and signs actor Cody Clifton, who is on the fast track to be TV’s newest superstar. It’s a Hollywood truth that getting to the top is one thing, but staying there is something else. Shelly Monroe is finally living her dreams and she’s not about to let it slip through her fingers.
Veteran LAPD detective Maxine Calderas finds herself in hot pursuit of a serial killer with a taste for prostitutes. The trail puts her on a collision course with Shelly’s world when Max Calderas becomes convinced that Shelly knows a secret that may help Max crack her case.
Cody Clifton, America’s newest Golden Boy is haunted by the ghosts of a troubled childhood. Will he succeed in conquering his demons or will they derail his rising star? Jimmy Bodine is Cody’s best friend and fierce competitor for the Hollywood brass ring. Will their friendship withstand Jimmy’s ambitions and Cody’s sudden white hot success?
The stakes are high and the winner takes all as the player’s paths cross each other amidst the hot house jungle that is Hollywood. DL Bruin gives readers an insider’s look at the Hollywood dream factory in this darkly humorous thriller.

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